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Editeur : FOOTPRINT Travel guides 2013 (en anglais)
Collection : Focus
EAN/ISBN : 9781909268425
Format : broché - 152 pages (illustré)

13.95 € TTC

Disponibilité : oui
Livraison : de 2 à 7 jours


guide touristique

Charter a fishing boat at Panjim and watch as the palm trees on the beach recede into the distance. Visit 200 hundred-year-old spice plantations or the Saturday Night Bazaar where live music and food stalls lend a festival atmosphere. Travel through humble fishing villages on the Arabian Sea or rustic colonial towns, where jungles twist their way around churches and basilicas. Entering Goa via India's most vibrant city, Mumbai, Footprintfocuswill prove an invaluable companion.

* Essentials section with practical tips on getting there and around.
* Includes information on tour operators and activities in this unique and fascinating region.
* Comprehensive listings of where to eat, sleep & play in Goa and in Mumbai.
* Detailed street maps for Mumbai, Panjim and other important towns.
* Slim enoughto fit in your pocket.

Loaded with advice and information, this concise Footprintfocusguide will help you get the most out of Goa without weighing you down.

The content of the Footprintfocus Goa (with Mumbai) guide has been extracted from Footprint's India Handbook.

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