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Randonnée / Trekking

Editeur : CICERONE (en anglais) - édition 2018
EAN/ISBN : 9781852848880
Format : broché - 240 pages (illustré)

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Disponibilité : à paraître

guide de randonnées

The 40 walks in this guidebook explore the stunning landscapes around Briançon. Walks range from 4 to 21km, and cover the valleys of Clarée, Cerveyrette, Ayes, Durance and Guisane, as well as the area around Vallouise and Montgenèvre. All the routes are circular and graded from easy to very hard, so there is a walk to suit all abilities.

Alongside detailed route descriptions and maps, the guidebook provides practical advice on when to visit and the best bases for exploring the region. There are notes on plants and wildlife, and information on the many hill forts in the area. Stunning photographs add to the appeal of this informative guide.

The Briançonnais is a stunning mountain wilderness packed with snow-capped peaks, idyllic valleys, pastures full of wildflowers, sparkling alpine lakes, historic hill forts and a labyrinth of quiet paths. With a rural charm and a milder climate than the northern Alps, it is a region ripe for discovery, and this guide is the perfect place to start.

Walk 1 Col de Dormillouse
Walk 2 Fort de l’Olive and Fort de Lenlon
Walk 3 Col des Thures
Walk 4 Lac Noir
Walk 5 Refuge de Buffère by the Côte Rouge
Walk 6 Pic du Lac Blanc, Lac Laramon and Lac du Serpent
Walk 7 Col des Muandes
Walk 8 Tour of the Massif des Cerces
Walk 9 Le Chenaillet
Walk 10 Fort du Gondran
Walk 11 Mont Chaberton
Walk 12 Alp du Pied
Walk 13 Fort de la Lausette and the Peygus
Walk 14 Col de Bousson
Walk 15 Lac des Cordes
Walk 16 Lac du Plan Vallon
Walk 17 Col des Ayes
Walk 18 Fort de la Croix de Bretagne and la Grande Maye
Walk 19 Lac de l’Orceyrette
Walk 20 Lac Palluel and Lac Faravel
Walk 21 Lac de Fangeas
Walk 22 Dormillouse High Circuit
Walk 23 Crête de la Rortie
Walk 24 La Grande Cabane
Walk 25 La Blanche
Walk 26 Chapelle St Hippolyte
Walk 27 Croix de la Salcette
Walk 28 Cime de la Condamine
Walk 29 La Croix d’Aquila
Walk 30 Briançon and Fort des Salettes
Walk 31 La Croix de Toulouse
Walk 32 Circuit of le Grand Area
Walk 33 La Grande Peyrolle by the Crête de Peyrolle
Walk 34 Grand Lac de l’Oule
Walk 35 La Cime des Conchiers
Walk 36 Lac de Combeynot
Walk 37 Les Arêtes de la Bruyère
Walk 38 L’Aiguillette du Lauzet Circuit
Walk 39 Lacs du Glacier d’Arsine
Walk 40 Plateau d’Emparis

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