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Randonnée / Trekking

Editeur : CICERONE (en anglais) - édition 2018
EAN/ISBN : 9781852849740
Format : broché - 184 pages (illustré)

22.95 € TTC

Disponibilité : oui
Livraison : de 2 à 7 jours

guide de trekking

The definitive guidebook to climbing Aconcagua in South America. At 6962m, Aconcagua is the highest peak outside the Himalayas and is accessible to both trekkers and mountaineers. The book covers two popular trekking routes: the Normal (Horcones Valley) route and the Vacas Valley (Polish Glacier) route. It also includes trekking routes up Tupungato, the Maipo Volcano, and other acclimatisation treks, with suggestions for things to see and do around Mendoza and Santiago City.

The guide provides a wealth of practical and indispensable information for those taking on the challenge of Aconcagua. There is information on travel to South America and to the start of the trek, and essential know-how on preparing for high-altitude mountaineering, including advice on equipment, coping with altitude, and strategies for acclimatisation. It gives expert advice on permits, food and water, hiring guides and mules, and staying healthy.

With maps and colour photos and supplemented by background information on the mountain, its history, geology, wildlife and local culture, this is a comprehensive and must-read guide for anyone considering tackling Aconcagua.

Part 1 The ascent of Aconcagua

Mendoza to Puente del Inca
The road to Puente del Inca
Aconcagua routes
The Normal Route
The Vacas Valley Route
Summit day
The long walk out
Other routes

Part 2 Acclimatisation near Aconcagua, 
Vallecitos and the Maipo Volcano
Treks in the Aconcagua area
Puente del Inca and Los Penitentes
A walk to the Statue of Cristo Redentor
Horcones Valley to Plaza Francia
Routes at Vallecitos
Vallecitos Ski and Mountain Lodge
Lomas Blancas (3850m)
Cerro Vallecitos (5770m)
The Maipo Volcano

Part 3 The Tupungato area
The Andes’ Great Mountain
Tupungato routes
Tupungato via Chile and Rio Colorado
Tupungato Provincial Park
Wilderness Trek to Friar’s Col

Part 4 The Santiago area
Santiago City
In and around Santiago
Routes near Santiago
El Morado Valley
La Campana National Park
El Plomo (5430m)
Provincia and San Roman

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