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Editeur : VERTICAL-LIFE 2018
EAN/ISBN : 9789612856076
Format : broché - 272 pages (illustré)

25.00 € TTC

Disponibilité : oui
Livraison : de 2 à 7 jours

guide d'escalade

This first edition of the Karst Edge guidebook is the perfect companion for climbing in the area in Slovenia and Italy. A total of 2000 routes in 15 crags are featured on 300 full color photo-topos. Access information is very detailed, with 30 provided maps that also include GPS coordinates. The guidebook is well structured, fully available in Slovenian and English, but all the area descriptions can also be found in German, Italian, French and Croatian. Generally the guidebook contains a lot of additional information around climbing with background trivia, a little bit of(climbing) history, interviews and rest day suggestions.

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